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Three Kingdoms Online (TKO) Behind whom?

Posted on  Dec 1,2009  07:12

Koramgame announced today that the first server for Three Kingdoms Online would become available to public at 9:00 PM December 3, 2009 PST (10:00PM MST, 11:00PM CST, 12:00AM EST). All players will be eligible to register for an account on Koramgame.com, or login using their existing Facebook, MySpace and Twitter accounts. The game can then be accessed [...]

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China Advertises 30-Second Ad Spot Made-in-China a

Posted on  Dec 1,2009  05:12

U.S. cable news network (CNN) this week began broadcasting Made-in-China products in the Asian market– a 30-second commercial advertisement—, advertisement that stresses Made-in-China has become ubiquitous across the world. The slogan “Made in China, Made with World” runs through the entire ad within 30 seconds. The Commercials produced by the Ministry of Commerce of China [...]

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Shakes & Fidget

Posted on  Nov 30,2009  12:11

Shakes & Fidget is an absolutely classic browser game that can be played directly without downloading any software online. Shakes & Fidget is completely free, and even dispensed with advertising in the game. Shakes & Fidget The start of the RPG Shakes & Fidget start by yourself, you must create your own character. This can [...]

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Playbbg’s New Feature and Theme Preview

Posted on  Nov 30,2009  06:11

Last weekend, our designers worked on playbbg’s new theme and finally crafted a PSD graphics to our website designer, Basically, we changed our content section position and new icons, even you can take a look at our preview screenshot. It is a refreshing look compared with our current version. On the other hand, we are [...]

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Insel company

Posted on  Nov 29,2009  04:11

You find yourself on the journey through the Pacific, accruing as your cargo on the sand bank of a non-listed island chain. As you find yourself in a wireless coverage area and thus have no chance of being close to rescue, you will have no other choice than to try to survive with your cargo [...]

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Three Kingdoms Onweb

Posted on  Nov 28,2009  03:11

• Three Kingdoms Onweb is an MMO-SLG based on the browser platform. Users do not need to download the client to play the game. • Based on its advantage of ‘non-client’, Three Kingdoms Onweb performed significantly in the aspects like gameplay, ease of use, and idea-expression. • In the game, developers combined elements of simulation, [...]

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King of Kungfu

Posted on  Nov 28,2009  03:11

Welcome to King of Kungfu, a fun combat game with a rich Oriental background and is gaining popularity all over the world! Choose your opponent and the combat will be fought automatically. Distinct weapons and skills will help you to attain your unique Kungfu style. When you are ready, participate in the tournament and compete [...]

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Three Kingdoms Online; Why Bother Making a new bro

Posted on  Nov 27,2009  09:11

Three Kingdoms Online like Evony, Kingory, Nap War, Empire Craft.Three Kingdoms Online, a massive multiplayer online SLG game based on ancient Chinese history, scheduled to release its English version next week. The game is inviting players all over the world to play free of charge. Three Kingdoms Online is rich in culture and features, offering its players an unique experience never before found in a browser game.

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Riftforge Entertainment Browser-based MMO Riftcore

Posted on  Nov 27,2009  02:11

Riftforge Entertainment announced today that they have a special project currently in development called Riftcore, and it’s a browser-based MMO that’s aimed at hardcore gamers. If I must say so myself, that’s somewhat of a change of pace for a genre that’s mostly dominated mostly by the casual crowd. According to the press release, Krasimir [...]

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Wonderland Online: New Server Event Extravaganza

Posted on  Nov 26,2009  11:11

The Wonderland Online  Team has just announced that the long awaited new version 5.0–Glory of the Empire has been released! The new luxurious Marriage System, new powerful human pets, vivid maps and fantastic equipment, are all being added to make this the most exciting and enjoyable version of WLO yet. You’d think the WLO team [...]

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Old Ages

Posted on  Nov 26,2009  06:11

Old Ages is here! We listed some background  storyline and features, but we have not reviewed this German version game, if you know German and English well, you can submit your reviews and cheats to us by replying this post. Vanquish your enemies and explore the mystical world of ancient … Once you’re at Old [...]

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Nap War BattleField Open, but limited to Private o

Posted on  Nov 25,2009  09:11

Nap War–series of Fog of War, developed in China but published Globally, announced today that the Battlefield is open to players. Battefield in question means  instance like WoW, where you can form a team to complete the quests or do the quest yourself. However, I cannot access to this new feature, because the game rule [...]

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Posted on  Nov 25,2009  02:11

Corunea BATTLES is an online adventure game you can play for free. Corunea BATTLES Storyline: a century after the fall of the mighty Corunean Empire, four forces battle to control the abandonded lands… Chaos The force of change, both through creation and destruction “Fates must remain undecided and all possibilities opened” Wild The force of [...]

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Junk: Battles Junk World Map is Here!

Posted on  Nov 24,2009  10:11

Wow, what an update! This one is definitely our biggest yet, and we think well worth the wait. Without further ado, we present a whole new Junk experience! Cruise around Brokin with the new World Map system! In this update, the Scrapton zone is unlocked and primed for exploration. Occupied by hordes of bandits and [...]

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Legend of heroes

Posted on  Nov 24,2009  09:11

An epic game of might Vs Magic Legend of heroes is a epic love and hatred, war and peace between mythical creatures, humans and elves. The never-ending clashes of Might and Magic are brought to life in this revolutionary web game, and only the best will emerge as the ultimate emperor of the world. Colossal [...]

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Neverland Online presents Thanksgiving specials

Posted on  Nov 24,2009  08:11

In celebration of this time for giving thanks, Oak Pacific Interactive would like to extend its gratitude to players for their positive reception of Neverland Online since open beta testing started in mid-October. Through December 17, players of Neverland Online are invited to take advantage of the following special offers: Double Bonus Special in the [...]

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Posted on  Nov 24,2009  08:11

dinoplanet is a Free Browser Game – dino planet allows yo to Show the world that the dinosaurs are not extinct! Secluded from the rest of civilization, the dinosaurs developed into two dominant races. The dinosaurs can talk, read and write even. They have their own language and their own alphabet. It has established itself [...]

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Gameforge wins Audemars Piguet ‘Changing Tim

Posted on  Nov 23,2009  03:11

Karlsruhe– The Audemars Piguet ‘Changing Times’ Award of 2009 goes to Gameforge, the world’s largest independent developer and publisher of browser-and client-based online games. The Karlsruhe-based company gameforge met all requirements and finnally became the European Technology Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 “. Gameforge CEO and co-founder Klaas Kersting received the award yesterday evening at [...]

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Dark Elf

Posted on  Nov 23,2009  07:11

Dark Elf is multiplayer turn-based strategy game programmed in Czech Republic. The game is played in a medieval or rather fantasy setting, based freely on the book and film “Lord of the Rings”. Dark Elf has unique large map, where you can see your lands as well as those of your opponents, their fortresses, heroes [...]

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Ocean Garden

Posted on  Nov 23,2009  03:11

OceansGarden is a free browser game developed by xtremegn.de. Ocean Garden is like penguin farmer, but it is set in the ocean. Have fun. it’s a fun kid game

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Europe 1400

It is the year 1400: Trade is thriving and culture is blossoming in the metropolises… Enter the ever-growing cities of Europe 1400, seize your chance and fight your unflinching way to the top: Find your purpose in life as a craftsman, merchant, rascal or as God’s servant! This medieval world gives you endless opportunities for [...]

WWII Assembly

WWII Assembly is a great browser strategy game set in the second World War, when the two opposing sides the Allies and the Axis are involved in the conflict, spanning from 1939 to 1945. Among the two factions, there are great great powers and nations engaging in the warfare. By following the realistic browser game [...]


Leelh is a French post-apocalyptic real-time action browser MMORPG playable directly in a web browser. The player is plunged in 2087, and must survive in a hostile environment against other survivors. Leelh is fully 3D game where you play as a survivor in a post-apo. A wide range of talents and skills according to your [...]

Forsakia – The Lost Clans

Are you ready for a whole new MMOG experience? Alaplaya’s all new free 2 play experience: high quality graphics in a beautiful fantasy world with all features you love from client MMOGs – monster fights, PVP, Pets, Housing, Crafting and much more. Best of all you can access all this from everywhere in the world. [...]

War of Ninja

War of Ninja is a free online flash browser game in which you can accept missions, gain points, defeat your opponets and obtain new Ninja and buy items. Using turn-based battles, War of Ninja requires you select a 3 character squad to challenge other team. and by continuing exploring the world, players are able to [...]

1.Business Tycoon Online overhauls Employee system

It’s been a busy few weeks on Business Tycoon Online, with the numerous events and activities released, not to mention the immensely popular World Cup event which has recently come to an end. Somehow, DOVOGAME have still found the time to completely rework the Employee system used in the game. They have noticed the need [...]

2.Hero: 108 Online Open Beta Starts – With iPad Giveaway Event

Congratulations! Hero: 108 online’s open beta is finally here. Gamania confirmed to PlayBBG.com that they officially announced the open beta for the licensed Cartoon Network title, Hero: 108 Online that is a free to play cartoonlish character- themed action Massively multiplayer online game. This summer and holiday have seen a host of Free to play [...]

3.Port Galaxy Heading to Closed Beta

PlayBBG team today got a newsletter for the upcoming space-themed virtual world game Port Galaxy, saying the closed beta of Port Galaxy is on the way, we are invited to participate in the closed beta. Below is the original newsletter. We are pleased to inform you of your acceptance into the Port Galaxy Closed Beta! [...]

4.Heroic Era Inc Unilaterally Terminating Caesary Online Server

A few hours ago, some players told playbbg.com that Caesary.net backed by Heroic Era Ltd spread rumors unilaterally terminating the Caesary Online server without any notice. Below is the source from the Caesaryonline.com forum We are sorry to tell you our server is under Emergency Maintenance. No Worries, we will back soon.. Please be patient. [...]

5.TankyOn: Tank Shooting Action MMOG Recruiting 50 Testers

South Korea-based DG entertainment just announed its new tank shooting action MMOG, recruiting passionate Closed Beta testers to help improve the current beta version. Unlike latest free to play MMORPG World of Tanks, you are set in the world war 2 to fight, TankyOn is mainly targeted for casual gamers aged 15 – 25. Below [...]

6.Outer Galaxies: Playable Now

Here comes a quick note for browser game fans. the space-themed browser game Outer Galaxies now opens its doors to everybody. There are two factions available in Outer Galaxies: After years of hardship the rebellion started and war raged until the rebel tibles defeated the Centauri Empire in the Andromeda Galaxy War. The andromeda Federation [...]