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Three Kingdoms Online; Why Bother Making a new browser game?
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On November 24, 2009, I came across an editorial titled “the End of Music” from nytimes.com,

At the first paragraph, the writer GLENN BRANCA told a true story and expressed his opinion about Music.

However, I am not here to discuss Music on Gaming Site, but I am going to voice my opinion in a passive way:

Not long ago, maybe one week, we covered a piece of news that Nap Was was most likely designed based on Evony and Kingory. That is true from their functionality and ingame items, but I would rather say that is China-business model than the Copycat.

Is it a case of the survival of the fittest?

We got insider’s news that Kingory is struggling to stay alive, the servers of Kings of nations and Rise of Empire have been relegated to the underground and have already been closed due to “stereotyped innovation”, Empire Craft has stopped evolving and become a dead browser game.

On the other hand,Nap War comes last month. but it has been proved not a good game for browser game fans.

Today, Three Kingdoms Online has its release date. Let’s take a look at its press release.


Koramgame proudly presents: Three Kingdoms Online, a massive multiplayer online SLG game based on ancient Chinese history, scheduled to release its English version next week. The game is inviting players all over the world to play free of charge. Three Kingdoms Online is rich in culture and features, offering its players an unique experience never before found in a browser game.

The game was first released in China, and caused sensational popularity almost immediately upon release. Currently the game has accumulated tens of million of users and fans. The game is also the consecutive winner of ChinaJoy “Best Browser Game” of 2008 and 2009.

Historically Based

The Three Kingdoms period (169-280AD) is a historic period in ancient China. The nation was divided into three kingdoms and their quest for total domination has been a fascinating topic for historians and gamers alike. The publishing of The Romance of Three Kingdoms (14th century) has turned this part of Chinese history into the most famous piece of literature, introducing vibrant and intriguing stories on heroes, weapons, war strategy and diplomatic tension.

While many other Asian game makers have released various classic titles regarding this time period, the Three Kingdoms Online is the first of them developed as a web-based game. The game allows players to compete and cooperate with other players, allowing much more realistic diplomatic and military actions. The development team also tried their best to include cultural and historic elements. Gamers will find much of Chinese ancient history captured by this release.

About Koramgame

KORAMGAME.COM has emerged as a prominent leader in the Chinese browser game industry. The company has developed a number of outstanding, award-winning browser-based games. The company now is ready to present their work to the international community. Three Kingdoms Online will be the first of many unique gaming experiences the team hopes to offer.

Game Introduction
• Three Kingdoms Onweb is an MMO-SLG based on the browser platform. Users do not need to download the client to play the game.
• Based on its advantage of ‘non-client’, Three Kingdoms Onweb performed significantly in the aspects like gameplay, ease of use, and idea-expression.
• In the game, developers combined elements of simulation, management and tactic to the background of chaotic age of Three Kingdoms. Players can accumulate resources, military and diplomatical strength, to join the chasing of domination in the ancient China.

Game Background
Based on Tales of Three Kingdoms, the most famous classical work in China, Three Kingdoms Onweb unfolds a landscape of ancient war between different factions and supremacies. As an ambitious and talented leader, you will build up your domination in the land of conflict from nothing.

Game Features
• No need to install. You can login and play the game in your browser.
• You can conquer a whole new world which you are familiar with, and establish your own legend.
• Diplomacy is the best tactic to conquer a city. You can use several of strategies in that world.
• Original warrior education system and quest system provides players more interesting game experience.
• You have a large room to extend your territory. We will update our game occasionally, providing more content for players to enjoy.


In Three Kingdoms Onweb, different kingdoms have different types of troop, and develop path of technology.
Wei: Soldiers have better status in combat, but also cost more resources. Extra space in the construction sequence provides better chance to develop economy. More powerful in the late stage of game.
Shu: Primary soldiers have best cost performance. Very aggressive at the early stage, intended to attack others.
Wu: Highly effective Secret Stores can protect your resources when you have enemy at the gate. In the later stage of game, that will give you and your enemy a huge surprise.
Notice: Your nation will only affect your military troops and science. Your location will not depend on the nation you chose. You can just choose a nation that fits your game style.


Equipments and scrolls can help your warrior to turn the table on the battle ground. You can obtain items by purchasing it in the Mall, or completing quests to get reward.


• Suppressing: Send your warriors to the camps to challenge their leader. Thus he can gain experience and items as reward.
• Encounter: Includes City War and National War, hold 1 time each week. Attack and occupy an appointed city to get abundant of reward.
• Chasing the Throne: There are 40 types of different troops in the game, and a lot of siege vehicles. You can challenge powerful rivals with your strategy and wisdom by combining different style of troops and tactics. Finally you will receive incomparable achievements.


• Main Quest: A loyal elder will accompany with you from the very beginning of your journey, and provide you useful advise when you need a guide.
• Military Quest: Contained in the Main Quests, helping players to get familiar with tactics and strategies.
• Scholar’s Quest: Contained in the Main Quests, helping players to get used to all the systems in game.
• Growth Quests: Growth quests provide targets for a player to achieve in every stage of his development.
• Daily Quests: You can gain rewards by training your warrior in the morning, or read through the historical classic works in your idle time. You can also communicate with hermits as the evaluation to warriors.
• Sanguo Lore: How much do you understand about the history background of our game? You can challenge your lore in our daily quest system.

There are 641 epic warriors in game. Players can hire them from the Career House, or with rituals. You can conquer other cities and capture the epic warriors in that city, too.


• Lord Profile: Important profiles for player’s lord, including territory, warrior, soldiers, population and nobility.
• Territory overview: Check list of your cities and city profiles.
• Warrior overview: Status of all warriors at your service. You can also view the detailed information of warriors.
• Position appointment: When you obtain a certain level of nobility, you can appoint your warriors to different office positions to increase their attribute.
• State Quest: You can send warriors to complete quests in each state. Thus you can increase your Contribution to the state. You can exchange Contribution points to materials for donation. Your position in the court is also decided according to your Contribution value.
• Court Quest: Donate materials to the Court according to its demand will increase your Court Contribution, and get higher level of nobility.


• League Status: It is important for every player to have a basic understanding of their league. When you are choosing a league to join, you need to take a look at their situation.
• League Structures: League members can view the general structure and manage method here.
• League Logs: You can view the record for every step of development and conquer of your league.
• League Military: Military officers can arrange warfare of the league in this page.
• League Policy: Officers of league can make human resource management in this structure.
• League Ranking: Focusing on the comparison among the strength of leagues can help you to make important decisions in time.

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