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Posted on  Apr 27,2010  02:04

Brothersoft, Koram Game, Kunlun Online, Hithere, Three Kingdoms

When a group of players went to click the “download” button of Three Kingdoms Online , which is a Chinese browser-based online web game, without knowingly accepting the rules and terms of the game in question, chances are they began to register a free account and stepping into a trap:

1, You may want to learn about the Chinese History: Three Kingdoms Warring Period, Ming Dynasty, and etc.

2,You may want to play a casual multiplayer online game with relaxed mind

3,You are looking forward to a wonderful piece of game graphic, cool ingame characters.

4, You are curious about the Chinese Kung Fu, Martial Arts, trying to seek a way to know the secret, but you happened to run into the gaming world.

However, that is not how things are.

1, You cannot learn an orthodox Chinese culture by seeking a gaming way, that is because the translations are found miserable and frightful.

2, A browser game around you means an obstacle stands in your way, which is unusually unrelaxing, , and does not leave you escape from the work, but a constant, worrisome burden. You need to keep taking care of your virtual troops that has been trained in the mmo game world. Instead, a non-crappy-game day is remarkably relaxing.  You will not be distracted by an always-open browser page, or checking in on Facebook or responding to the hundred messages they typically get in a day.

3, A Chinese three kingdoms online, or Ming Dynasty Online is something like copycat that is not approved and rated by any laws.

4, A Virtual Kung Fu, or Martial Arts world does not give you a real practice to your dream of become a kung fu master.

Actually, Koram game is funded by Beijing Headquartered Kun Lun Online. Interesting enough, the Boss behind Hithere, a platform that is dedicated to operate browser mmorpg game, also invested with Kun Lun Online.  To further  explore the relationship between Koram Game, KunLun Online, and Hithere, you may find that Brothersoft is always promoting Three Kingdoms Online, whose boss is the same figure backing the KoramGame.

That is why there are so many Chinese game out there, like Talisman Online, Kung Fu World, Zodiac Online and many more.

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