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Posted on  Jan 28,2010  01:01

Business Tycoon Online No-wipe Open Beta Starts on Jan 28, 2010

HanKou, China January 28, 2010— DovoGame LLC., China’s leading interactive entertainment company today announced that the highly anticipated browser-based simulation game—Business Tycoon Online enters the open beta on 10:00 am, Jan. 28, 2010 PST. The game is published in DovoGame’s online game portfolio at official website

Business Tycoon Online is a massively business simulation browser game. Players will act as an entrepreneur to fight in Liberty City, starting with a small shop, experiencing all difficulties and challenges on their way, constantly expanding their business territory and raising social status until they become a famous entrepreneur through their hard work.

Business tycoon online is the first title published by DovoGame in North America and Europe. The game requires no downloads, is playable in the browser and is accessible on almost any PC with an internet connection only.

“Business Tycoon Online (BTO) closed beta server will be brought down at 0:00 am Jan. 28 PST, and the Open beta server will be open to all at 10:00 am, Jan. 28,” said Mr.Soong, CEO of Dovogame, “We do thank all closed beta testers and players who help test our game and gave us valuable feedback and suggestions.”

We have published Chinese version of Business Tycoon Online since 2008. Over the year, we have accumulated much experience to publish and operate the game, and we want to leverage our experience and reach more global gamers,” said Mr.Soong, CEO of Dovogame. “Through closed beta in North America, we have invited 500 players to play the game, and they fully affirmed business tycoon online the most addictive and attractive game ever, which gave us every faith and confidence to hit the open beta at the moment.”

Business Tycoon Online is free to play, no installation required. Just click away from being the first entrepreneur in Liberty City to grab your first bucket of gold. The open beta server titled as “Wall Street” will be available as scheduled. To celebrate the launch of open beta, Dovogame has prepared wonderful events in Wall Street. Learn more at http://bto.Dovogame.com

About DovoGame LLC.

Founded and headquartered in Haikou, Hainan Province, China, in 2002, Dynamic Vanguard Network Technologies Co., Ltd.? is a leading interactive entertainment enterprise that is dedicated to developing and publishing web browser-based game. Currently, Dynamic Vanguard has two products available– Business Tycoon online and Superstar Online. Since Business Tycoon Online was published in December 2008, It has scored 20,000, 000 registered users and 1000,000 daily online users. In 2010, Dynamic Vanguard set up a working group for overseas operation aiming to bring Business Tycoon Online and Super Star Online to North America and European countries.

About Business Tycoon Online
Business Tycoon Online, a massively multiplayer business simulation web browser game developed by Dynamic Vanguard Company, has already set a record of 600,000 players online concurrently in 2009. In collaboration with domestic commercial partners like Shanda, The9 and Oak Pacific, Business Tycoon Online has made great achievements in China game market. Meanwhile by partnering up with game publishers from Singapore, Malaysia, H.K, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea, Business Tycoon Online will be integrated into many gaming portals in 2010.? Business Tycoon online has been awarded with Prizes in “2009 ChinaJoy Jin Ling Award”, and “2008 ChinaJoy Web Game Forum”, and etc.

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