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Posted on  May 18,2010  01:05

Start to Feed, cuddle, cultivate, grow, expand in SMeet

Smeet, a 3D free virtual world in which you can catch up with your real-world friends, meet lots of new people and have fun together.

Chances are you have not visited the game so long, and there’s lots of stuff happening in Smeet!

The team via newsletter said they have introduced lots of cool new items you can own, such as a puppy. The really amazing thing is that your friends can help you feed it or give you a hand in setting up your enormous new aquarium — even if they are not on Smeet!

It’s as simple as posting to Facebook or sending a link to your friends for them to click on.

Even better, once your puppy is fully grown or your aquarium filled to the gills with fish you?ll get a Fame Point reward. Wow!

Start cuddling now!

3 new sensations in the shop!

Have you ever wondered what fish do in their free time? Well, get the Smeet Deluxe Aquarium and discover a whole new underwater world!

Become an aquanaut today and buy the aquarium!

Admit it: you?ve always had a soft spot for Pink Star Flowers! Smeet can now make your dreams come true. Buy it in the shop and watch it grow! Requires water and fertilizer!

get the plant and watch your Fame Points grow!

Ah, how sweet! This puppy needs a home ASAP. Get your very own Cuddly Hound, stroke and feed it and watch it grow!
start cuddling now!

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